Master Guide on Purchasing Shipping Container for Building a Container Home

Buying a Shipping Container can’t get simpler than this.

Presenting a detailed, illustrative guide documenting the complete process of searching, selecting, inspecting, and purchasing a shipping container for your project.

What's so special about it?

This book guides you about various cheap tricks used by the sellers/dealers to sell you unworthy containers. It also guides you on how to not get fooled. You are always one step ahead.

You’ll never get scammed while purchasing containers after reading this book.

100+ illustrative pictures documenting different types of damages and repairs and a detailed process documenting the complete inspection process before making the purchase.

It will train you to see the real container and not get illusioned by the superficial denting-painting.

It shares our years’ worth
practical experience and industry knowledge on shipping containers and their proper use in construction. 

From their types to sizes to nomenclature, classification, and certification, this book packs everything that must be known about shipping containers before using them for construction.

Contains case studies about utility of various types of containers and how to select a perfect container your particular project.

Are Containers Toxic and Hazardous?

This book busts various popular myths about containers that are running around in market.

Do you have questions like,

  • Should I buy old or new container?
  • What is the cost of container?
  • What certifications for containers are necessary for easy project approvals.
  • What is cardo-worthy, as-is, and 1Trip Container?
  • Which container is more value for money – 20ft or 40ft?

We have tried to answer many such questions for you. 

Master Guide on Purchasing a shipping Container

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Don’t take our word for it. Read the first few pages and see how this will change your perspective on shipping containers and their use in construction industry.

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What's Inside


Myths about Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers: Nomenclature and Types

Container Certification and Classification

Pre-Purchase Checklist

Inspecting Damages and Repairs



”I congratulate Love Container Homes for publishing such an accurate and astute description of shipping container industry. This book is an invaluable resource to anybody trying to navigate the technical and practical hurdles of purchasing a shipping container.”

Eric Stanley

Former Secretary, Federation of Inland Container Depot Operators

”An amazing work. Not a single topic is left unattended. There can be no scope for dilemma and apprehensions after digesting this book.”

Garrett Esmond

UnContained Fabrications, Portland

”A truly authoritative handbook. A valuable resource for container home planners, engineers, architects and contractors.”

Timothy McDonald

Former Secretary, Federation of Inland Container Depot Operators

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