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Master Guide on Purchasing a Shipping Container


A detailed, illustrative, step-wise handbook on selecting, inspecting, and purchasing a shipping container.

100+ illustrative photos of all damages and repairs.

Pre-purchase planning, checklist, and various tips and tricks.

Helps you get easy project approvals.

Saves your project from unexpected roadblocks.

Makes you a responsible homeowner.

Gives you huge bargaining power.

What's included?
(5 customer reviews)

Instant download after checkout
What's included?
(5 customer reviews)

Instant download after checkout

5 reviews for Master Guide on Purchasing a Shipping Container

  1. Jason Concepcion (verified owner)

    Right before I decided to visit a container depot, I got to know about this book. This book is providing me a lot of information that I am glad to know. Although there will be an expert along with me while purchasing the containers, all that I am getting to know from here will indeed be useful. Verifying leaks and damages would become easy. The last chapter is the best one and has around 100 images of damages in shipping containers. Thank you guys for keeping it simple and easy to follow. Cheers! 5 STARS!

  2. Angeline Buckley (verified owner)

    This is maybe the best $10 that I’ve spent. This is definitely a must have handbook, especially if you are into DIY. In my county, people are allowed to use refurbished shipping containers for container buildings and obviously I don’t know nothing about the containers. Holes and dents are the only things in the container that I am looking for at the moment. This book has so many pictures about different kinds of damages which would make anyone an expert on shipping containers.

  3. Michael Singer (verified owner)

    So far so good. Very helpful read. Trust me. I am a contractor.

  4. Asis Melgar (verified owner)

    Nice! Valuable information. No bullshit. Makes planning easy.

  5. Nima Gorky (verified owner)

    Worth it!

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