About Us.

We convert your ideas into executable plans.

Who Are We

We are a dedicated team of qualified consultants, architects and designers specializing in residential and commercial shipping container architecture (Cargotecture).

Our Mission

We cherish our team’s constant drive for improvement so as to deliver the finest, most sustainable and affordable shipping container designs to our clients.

What We Do

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Our Experience and Skills

We devote our vast experience of Cargotecture in turning our clients’ ideas into precision, errorless, and executable plans. All our planning and designing services are perfectly engineered to suit your special needs. Our consultants and architects are committed to help you right from concept design stage to delivery of final plans.

We serve a large clientele across the globe. Apart from the United States, Canada, Turkey, Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa, where most of our clients are based, we also serve clients based in various African, Asian, European countries where Cargotecture is slowly taking roots.

Architectural Planning
Interior Design
Landscape Planning
Project Estimation

Innovation and Sustainability

We closely monitor rapid innovations in building technologies and try to adopt them in our architectural planning assignments. Throughout our consultations with our clients we proactively guide them on achieving the best, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. We strongly believe that bold design must be realized with sustainable technologies and that the art of architecture lies in creating a maximum impact within the constraints of budgets and functionality.

Walking an extra mile

We know from experience that great architecture comes from working with great clients. Since most clients are not formally trained in architecture and have little knowledge of structural and financial implications of their plans, it becomes our duty to help them spread their wings to imagine and guide them when they feel overwhelmed or confused. Therefore, we can pridefully boast that we offer some of the most relaxed revision policies in the whole architectural design industry.

Why Choose Us?

There are multiple reasons why you should choose us. In fact, the question should be why to not choose us if you are planning to design your shipping container home.

Unlike any other architecture, Container architecture is a completely new domain suited only for specialists. With our extensive practical knowledge of cargotecture we believe that we are most suited for any shipping container project.

We can’t stress more about the importance of a specialist who knows the endless possibilities and some practical limitations of shipping container architecture. This knowledge only comes with experience and conventional architects often lack it.

We are here to achieve excellence. We dominate Container Architecture Industry with our top-notch designs standards.

Every inch of our designs reflects an architectural finesse.

We offer the most competitive pricing in the whole industry. We also offer the most flexible payment scheme in the industry. It gives you the flexibility to pay in installments. Our clients always know what they are paying for.

All our projects are completely customized to the requirements of our clients. Once you confirm your commitment to the project, you will directly be able to reach out to our creatives team. This also results in the fast completion of the project.

We always ensure that all our plans are compliant with the building codes and various safety norms.
We wish nothing less than safe, secure, hassle-free, and legally compliant green living for all our clients.

Our team is very proactive. We believe in beating the deadlines to provide our clients with the best experience.
Nothing is more valuable to us than a 10/10 review from our clients.

Our Happy Clients!

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