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We provide a wide range of architectural design and constultancy services.

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We devote our vast experience of Cargotecture in turning our clients’ ideas into precision, errorless, and executable plans. All our planning and designing services are perfectly engineered to suit your special needs. Our consultants and architects are committed to help you right from concept design stage to delivery of final plans.


Our team has a vast experience in diverse sorts of architecture styles. Our speciality lies in marrying those architectural styles with the robustness, modularity, sustainability provided by cargotecture. The opportunities provided by the use of shipping containers in residential architecture are boundless and we are all for harnessing them for our clients.


We understand the importance of your place of business and the work-ecosystem it supports. Even small design interventions can impact the efficiency of your business drastically. We have a wide experience of planning and designing diverse commercial projects. From a small barbecue joint, and cafes to large boutique, saloon and resort – we have done it all.


From large-scale remodeling to a simple quick makeover, the design team at Love Container Homes will expertly reflect your personal taste and style. We assist our clients with a wide range of challenges including, selection of architectural details and finishes, decorating a functional beautiful space with furniture, fabrics, accessories, and creating custom pieces tailor-made for your living space.


Our team of talented designers is expert at designing exteriors of your home from scratch based on the floor plans provided to them. We also provide guidance and creative direction to the homeowner who wants to give their home’s exterior simple cosmetic updates.


Our landscape architects and designers understand the unique requirements of your property and respect your tastes and styles. We just need dimensions of your project and some photographs of the home (if already built) and our consultants and designers will take care of rest.


Project Cost

Our team of consultants are expert at estimating accurate building cost of your project based on the plan that we prepare for you. All our estimations are properly classified into various expenditure heads so that it becomes easy for you to do all the calculations.

Our 6-D Process.



In this phase, our experienced team of architects and designers discover your requirements based on our initial consultations.



In this phase, we define your project’s scope and needs. Our design team will brainstorm various ideas and run some rough calculations to give the project a basic shape.



This is the most rigorous phase of the whole project. Our design team will draw and redraw various concepts and bring up the perfect design. We will do our best to incorporate all you needs into it.



This is the drafting phase. The whole essence of our design that we brainstormed for hours, ran calculations on, will now be translated into a CAD model and a copy will be sent to you for you final revisions.



In this phase we will enhance your design by incorporating all your suggestiuons and revisions



This is the final phase of the whole design process. In this phase we will deliver all the designs and provide you additional resources to help you take the project forward with your builder.


"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

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