Benefits of a Detailed Cost Estimate

When you have a detailed cost estimate, you can confidently reach out to the contractors.

  • You will know it when they charge exorbitantly.
  • You can comfortably discuss the jobs that they are charging you for. You can clear out the confusions and stay away from the hidden costs.

One single cost estimate gives you immense bargaining power.

Suppose a contractor provides you dirt cheap estimates. With our cost estimate, would instantly figure out that he is inexperienced and doesn’t know what he is doing. You will know that if you gave contract to him, he would run out of money in mid-project and will come asking for more money.

This could kill your dream of container home, and may leave you in large debt.

This is also a standard modus operandi of many fraud contractors. They will trick you into starting a project and in the midway, knowing that you can’t abandon the project now, may ask for a raise. This may totally collapse your project to the ground.

When you know the nitty gritty of you project and the costs involved, you can plan for them in advance.

We will help you factor in many hidden expenditures.

For example, a refrigerator for the family of three people generally cost $700. But when you try to find a refrigerator for a limited space of container home, you may have to shed up to $1200.

Many unforeseen scenarios like this may jack-up your budget a couple of thousand dollars.

Running on a tight budget? No problem. It is normal. Certain costs may be avoided with right knowledge.

There are certain works that provide equally luxurious feel and without putting a dent on your budget.

We help you to chart a plan that is totally customized to your luxury needs.

Many times, contractors hide affordable solutions and try to push you for the costly ones. Costly jobs translate into larger profits for them. But, it is you that suffer the financial burn.

  • This may seriously constrain your decisions and can put a larger price tag on your dreams.

You must never approach a contractor without your own detailed budget estimate for your plan. Contractor gets the greater leverage on your wallet if they feel that you are not aware. Our study shows that this may save you 15% of total expenditure.

  • A large chunk of people that wish to live in a container homes are DIY planners. They want to build their home as their own baby.
  • We can help you calculate the amount that you can save by not hiring a general contractor.
  • Its is true that you can save more than $ 10K by being a Owner Builder.
  • If you want to hire contractors for more complex jobs like plumbing and electrical fittings, we can give you an estimate of materials and labor charges for that too.

"You save $$$$ by investing in $$"

  • Architect’s Design Cost
  • Land Preparation (Laying foundation and Septic Tank)
  •  Cost of Shipping container (including shipping cost)
  • Material and Labor costs on following jobs:
    • All external penetrations and framing of doors and window.
    • Interior framing.
    • Insulation.
    • Flooring: Decking+Vinyl+Underlayment
    • Electrical Fittings
    • Cabinetry: Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities
    • Plumbing
    • Luxury-cum-essential appliances (water heater, HVAC, Refrigerator, Water Purifier, Electric Stove etc.)
    • Wooden Counter-tops for Kitchen and Bathroom.
    • All jobs related to roofing.
    • All jobs related to siding.
  • The cost of Land.
  • Various fees to be paid for permits and surveys.
  • Engineer’s Report Cost.
  • Home Furnishings.

Priced at $20 $10 for earlybirds.

Important points to be noted:

  • Presently, we provide cost estimation services only for USA residents.
  • Presently, we are entertaining inquiries only for a semi-luxury, single container homes.
  • However, in couple of days, we are planning to roll-out a comprehensive cost estimation service for multiple-container luxury and semi-luxury homes along with full floor plans. This service will be charged at $100.
  • Place a pre-order now to get a 90% discount. No coupon code required.

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