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Planning a Project? We can help.

Our expertise lies in designing architectural plans and 3D visualizations for shipping container projects. We offer following services:

  1. Architectural Floor Plans and Elevation Plans.
  2. Plumbing Plans.
  3. Electrical Plans.
  4. Structural Plans.
  5. 3D Visualization
  6. Interior Design
  7. Project Cost Estimation

Even if you don’t have any idea as to how to proceed, please don’t worry. Our skilled architects and consultants will help you figure out your requirements and inform you regarding all the nitty-gritty of design process. We would love to design for you.

Let's chat and figure out your requirements.
Looking for ready-made Permit Ready Plans?

Visit our online store and check-out some our finest collection of shipping container home plans. Our ready-made plans offer following benefits:

1. All our plans are Permit-Ready Plans. You can directly attach them in your application for building department’s approval.

2. All our Plans are Building Code Compliant. All our plans are compliant with almost all major requirements of various building departments. In case your building department requires additional information, we are happy to do all the adjustments in the plans. Alternatively, we also provide CAD source file that can be given to your local engineer to quickly make all the necessary adjustments.

3.Our Plans are Affordable

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